Its time to secure your company internet access with Cisco Umbrella !


Technology platform originally developed by OpenDNS is now being integrated with advanced Cisco security technology to provide a secure internet gateway in the cloud.

Among the many security challenges that organizations face is having an always-on security approach. It’s a challenge that Cisco is aiming to solve with new enhanced capabilities in its Umbrella platform that is now being positioned as a Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) technology.Cisco is now expanding the Umbrella service with new capabilities drawn from across the Cisco security portfolio.

As opposed to needing a physical appliance or an endpoint client, the way Umbrella works is a user only needs to point their network, or endpoint device’s, DNS settings to use Cisco’s service. Organizations that are already using Cisco’s AnyConnect secure mobile client can now use the enhanced Umbrella service as well.

Cisco expanded the availability of AMP across Cisco’s hardware devices, providing advanced capabilities to detect, analyze and isolate potentially malicious files.Cisco Umbrella users now also benefit from Cisco’s Talos threat intelligence research group to help identify and block new classes of threats and malicious web addresses.