Punycode Phishing Attack – Homograph attack !

Are you sure you are accessing legitimate web site always? how you are validating the web site? using security certificate indicator? check below image

apple phishing punycode

reference : https://www.ghacks.net

are you sure this is original apple.com web site? you are wrong. due to some issues (may be a feature or bug) on some web browsers (chrome, firefox..) you may see this as original websites. what is actually this website?

this is punycode version of apple.com domain name. actual text for this punycode domain is http://xn--pple-43d.com/. this name will convert to other language codes in unicode character set by web browser. this issue is promised to resolve by next updates in major web browsers which have this issue. you can verify the actual domain name (if it is punycode name or original) by opening the security certificate manually through web browser.

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